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Ruth was born in Lisbon, Portugal, (1959). Ruth began, still as an anthropology student to investigate, (based on curiosity), Jewish and Crypo-Jewish traditions and lifestyles in the region of Trás-os-Montes and Northern Portugal in general. He is a founding member of the Center for Jewish Studies in Trás-os -Montes (CEJTM) in 2002. Ruth made Aliya in 1977 for Israel, however, she currently lives in Portugal some periods of the year.Ruth has 35 years of experience in coordinating and managing projects, both with government and private organizations, including work I continue to volunteer during this period. It was a pioneer in many innovative initiatives that helped individuals and communities to implement profound social changes mainly through Art. Ruth has extensive experience working with the EU, Israeli institutions and government bodies, at national and local level, representatives, NGOs and philanthropic institutes in Europe and the Middle East. She is co-author of the Inter-Ajuda Project, which has been present on five continents since 2008 through the NGO GlocalForum.



Filomena Marques is a businesswoman, manager and business consultant with a degree in Educational Sciences from the University of Lisbon, where she worked as a researcher, completing a postgraduate degree in Organizational Development at ISEG - Lisbon School of Economics and Management. In recent years, she has worked as a university professor in the areas of multimedia and storytelling, which are the basis of the PhD she develops. As a consultant, she implements performance improvement processes in companies that she advises in the areas of strategy and internationalization. In addition to teaching and business, she has cooperated with cultural and social responsibility projects with a particular focus on contemporary art where she stands out as a collector.

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Pedro Confraria, Lisbon Portugal is a Chartered Accountant (ROC) licensed by ISG - Superior Management Institute. With Transmontan ancestry and curiosity for the different cultures of the region, Pedro has been part of the team since the beginning.


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Elvira. Mea was born in Porto, Portugal (1948). He graduated in History (1972) and received his PhD in Modern and Contemporary History (1990), from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto, where he currently works as a professor. Vice-president of the Center for African Studies at the University of Porto, Elvira directs a line of research in this area and coordinates the History Seminar of the Master in African Studies. Within the scope of Modern History, he directs the Seminar on Religious Structures (Dept. of History) and the Master in Regional and Local Studies (Dept. of History). With extensive historical research related mainly to Judaism, New Christians, the Inquisition and Marranism from a social, cultural and different perspective, Elvira Mea is the author of dozens of works
published in the country and abroad



Professor Abraham Gross, department of Jewish History at Ben-Gurion University in Negev, also a member of the Institute of Sefardi and Anussim Studies. The Institute is linked to Netanya Academic College.




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D. André de QuirogaD. André de Quiroga, heir to a European aristocratic tradition dating back to the 8th century, with ancestors in Austria, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Russia, is the son of a USA citizen, an expat of Portuguese origin that worked at the Voice of America. Bibliophile, gastronome, curator and contemporary art collector, former Rádio Difusão Portuguesa journalist and collaborator with the press in the 90s, has a professional trajectory in sectors like media consultancy, business communication and politics. Consultant for some of the biggest Portuguese companies in the agro-food and construction sectors, André excelled in the organization of electoral campaigns and as an advisor to members of parliament and mayors. He distinguished himself since 2000 organizing international projects that promote connections between the universes of contemporary art and gastronomy as a platform for touristic promotion and the integrated development of peripheral rural areas..

Partner and co-founder of Visible Minds / Visible Minds Lisbon, Portugal (Sustainable food systems; Environmental policy; Applied research; Scientific communication; Visible Minds-Policy generator-design and implementation). You are lucky to collaborate with exceptionally creative and inspiring people and for enjoy a variety of projects that stimulate the mind and leave a positive mark on society. More than 15 years of international experience, working on regional bilateral, multilateral and PPP projects with governments, international organizations, UN agencies, multinational companies and industrial associations. Extensive experience in the public-private nexus of industrial management, consultant to governmental and non-governmental organizations using market-based and non-market-based tools and policies to promote innovation and go beyond the practices already observed in the industry.


Irit Ahdoot, (Israel) is the director of the Dona Gracia Museum, Tiberias Israel and an active volunteer philanthropist in organizations such as the Jewish Agency, the Zionist Congress, the Regional Hospital Association of Tiberias, etc. Irit is dedicated to investigating and telling the story of Sefarad and the consequent Diaspora in educational and cultural forums worldwide.


Punctual Collaboration / Some Pontual Collaboration:

Paulo Ranito (Portugal); Rui Anahory (Portugal; (Antero Afonso (Portugal); Ricardo Sá Fernandes (Portugal); Inês de Ornellas e Castro (Portugal) Inês Nogueiro (Portugal); Miriam Assor (Portugal); Miriam Svirsky (Portugal) Nelson Monforte (Portugal); Guilhermo Campos (Spain); Jesus Susa (Spain); Antonio Miguez Amil (Spain) Amit Ashkenazi (Holland); Ido Garini (Holland); Michael Steinberger (USA); Nessim Hamaoui (Brazil); Dina Kogan (Brazil); Daniel Berlinder (Argentina) Pierre Manou (France); Susan Warthon England); Tami Fortis (Israel); Yoel Rappel (Israel;) Haviva Pedaya (Israel); Aliza Lavie (Israel) .;

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