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Jewish Studies Center of Trás-os-Montes (CEJTM)


Center for Research, Promotion and Development of Jewish Studies in the region of Trás-os-Montes, Portugal. As well as a Museum, Library, Publisher and Crafts. Informal start in 1998. Associative status (15-08-2002). Non-profit association. It is headquartered in Chaves, Portugal.




Preserve the Jewish Heritage in Trás -os -Montes: material and immaterial heritage, with collection and investigation of traditions, customs and other aspects of this culture surviving in the region. Preserve in the medium and long term the Jewish Heritage - Jewish Crypto in the region. Foster active and intergenerational citizenship. CEJTM has already involved more than 7,000 direct participants in activities. Re-launched in 2016/7 with a view to promoting sustainability now through the creation and development of the Jewish Routes of Trás-os-Montes and Douro. Creation and development of the Kosher Cluster, its products and brand.


Conception of the first Jewish Routes in Trás-os-Montes, based on historical investigation of Sephardic material and immaterial heritage, analysis of the visitor's profile and reactivation of Jewish cryptic memories / experiences; Creation of digital, audiovisual / other informative content. Formation; Training through participatory arts: "Please Touch" among other means that catalyze proximity, knowledge, practices and skills;
Organization of events to boost heritage and cultural tourism; Creation of the first Portuguese Kosher Cluster that generates sustainability; Registration in media of Sephardic gastronomic cultural heritage (cooperation) Memoriamedia and DIAITA-Património Alimentar da Lusofonia); Insertion of Trás-os-Montes in national and international networks (formal and informal) with a Jewish theme (academic / social / cultural / tourist / welfare and economic).

Keywords: Sephardic Heritage - Jewish crypto Cultural Routes- Jewish Heritage
Portugal-Regional biodiversity.


Founding Partners 2002 - Adriano Moreira, Ricardo Sá Fernandes, Haim Avni, Francisco José Viegas, António Cabeleira, António Montalvão Machado, Ernesto Areias, Antero Afonso, Graça Sá Fernandes, Vilhena, Lizette Sarmento, Samuel Levy, Nava Tevet, Paulo Ranito, Naomi Feinberg, M. Jesus Facco Viana, Ruy Anahory, Judith Cohen, José Antero C. Silva, Ruth Calvão, among others.Number of Active Supporters 2020- 138 - Members in 2020 - 42


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